Each element runs, flows, slides, and congregate in a manner that reflects Hadid’s design practice. A different weight scales of lines and a fluid stream of curves emphasizes its distinct aesthetics and organic shapes. Color, font and, illustrations were carefully put together in relation to the art piece.     **Building References  Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan / Riverside Museum in Glasgow, United Kingdom / Galaxy Soho in Beijing, China
 This is an interactive project designed in collaboration with Arduino.  Arduino is an open-source platform for building interactive objects that can sense and control objects in the physical and digital world.  The architectural illustration on the poster is printed with a special lamination that operates with the Arduino board attached in the back.  The device, equipped with ultrasonic sensors, can detect footsteps of the pedestrian and the changing light.  If something is detected, the device will vibrate and accordingly, the stream of lines on the image will run and flow.
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